About designer:

 Igor Jagić is a fashion designer, stylist and costume designer. Born in Belgrade on July 3rd 1989. In 2013, he completed the basics of academic study at Singidunum University, Department of Engineering Management. After fulfilling his long career as a professional model, he decides to focus on styling. He began his freelance stylist career and collaborated with many celebrities. After completing his studies, he went to Switzerland when he got a job as a creative director for the men’s line at street style fashion brand for which he worked for two years. In 2017 he founded his fashion label IGOR JAGYCH that in a short time became very popular. In 2018, he worked as an Assistant Fashion Editor for ELLE Fashion, Serbian edition. From 2018 until 2020, he worked for Men’s Health magazine, Serbian edition, as a fashion & editorial assistant. He gained experience as a costume designer through numerous projects, dance performances, theatre shows, short movies, prestigious events and many more arrangements. If you want to get Igor’s portfolio, send the requirement by official e-mail at office@igorjagych.com.

About fashion label:

IGOR JAGYCH is a unique, modern and minimalistic fashion brand founded by the designer Igor Jagić. Every piece of garment is crafted with care, attention to detail and high-quality sewing and fabrics. 

Brand esthetic consists of very minimalistic lines and cuts mixed with delicate fabrics that create a fusion of futuristic vibes.

“I don’t design for women or men, I design for strong individuals who are proud of themselves. “

Igor’s inspiration for his designs comes from his life and art. His inspiration lies in historical figures, as well, who dared to be unique, and who were not afraid to be what they are. Every collection tells a different story, but with one goal: to stress the importance of finding yourself and accept yourself.

 The brand advocates freedom, creativity, innovation, and the most important: individuality.

“I believe that every one of us came to this reality with our uniqueness. It is crucial to be who you are because everything else is fake and will make you utterly unhappy.” 

 Igor Jagić, creative director, founder and owner of the brand.