Costume collection campaign “REINCARNATION” by IGOR JAGYCH
March 9, 2020

Campaign for costume collection “REINCARNATION” by IGOR JAGYCH.

“New costume collection is called “Reincarnation”. The inspiration lies in the freedom of extravagance. It is framed by futurism, an interpretation of everything that may or may not happen. I decided to fly this time, with wings spread wide. In that flight, I lost any definitions, fears, perception of anything. On that flight I was just waving with my wings. On that flight, I was born again. This costumes does not know the time, season, years or all the stereotypical information it should possess. Before you is the work of an artist who does not care about the norms but he’s not a rebel. I don’t want to change anyone or anything. Actually, I don’t care. I just want to say that designing garments is a game for me, freedom, a journey into the unknown and getting to know yourself. Knowing myself, maybe I let you meet me too. And maybe now you have come to meet yourself through me?”

photo Vladan Mircevski

Coreograph Jovana Ikonic

Models Milica Milinkovic, Dara Stajkovic, Nikola Bijanic